When I was a child, I remember the thrill of doing things that were scary. Somewhere down the line I lost that thrill. I stopped doing things I might have wanted to do because it was scary – or if I’m being honest – was going to take too much work.

What I later realized is that the fear of doing this scared, partnered with procrastination robbed me of personal growth and other potential opportunities. I changed my attitude. I started doing it scared. What this taught me was that being scared is a temporary discomfort that molded me into the type of person I always wanted to be. I also learned the things that were scary today, became the prerequisite for the other things I was doing. Soon these scary and daunting tasks became my foundation- and they were not scary anymore. They actually strengthened me and gave me more confidence.

Let’s take a deeper look. I’ve known since I was young that I had the gift of gab. Couple that with the experiences that make up my life; I knew that I had to share my story. But I was scared. Scared of success, scared of failure, scared of what people would think of me when they learned about my story, scared of what I would uncover about myself. In all honestly, I was also very scared to expose different parts of my family dynamic. Then it hit me – I have a responsibility to share my story so others don’t go through the same crap! Whoa! When this realization took form for me, the game changed. I started seeking out opportunities that would have scared the old Norman – and truth be told – scared me still. The difference is, I had already proven to myself that I could do the scary stuff and it would only be scary for a brief moment. (Sometimes, these brief moments seem long as hell). I also started to see many things were not scary – but I constructed the fear in my own mind!

Doing it scared it actually what Over the Top Living was built on. Tackling on the things we need to now, in order to live the life we ultimately want to live. A life that we are proud to live, that we live unashamed and unapologetic. At its’ very core, its over the top living, every day – In Purpose and On Purpose.

Do it scared. Do it even when you feel unqualified. Do it with the confidence of a 7 year old wearing a super hero cape. You never what excerpt of your life will be apart of another persons survival story.

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