Meet Norman J. Liverpool IV

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Norman J. Liverpool IV, an Entrepreneur and Speaker, is a dedicated professional with a passion for spreading awareness for the LGBTQ+ Community and the issues that this community faces. He is also the creator of a signature mentor-ship and coaching program designed for the LGBTQ+ Community, Over the Top Living.

The organization explores the challenges of coming to terms with who you are and living your best life now. It equips its members with the tools, products and services needed to live unashamed and unapologetic lives by finding your voice, choosing your impact and owning your story. Alongside these, he regularly speaks on topics concerning family dynamic, self-acceptance, self-encouragement, and life as a gay black man. In doing so, it is his hope that he can transform as many lives as possible by helping others to always live and love freely, in purpose, on purpose, by finding your voice, choosing your impact and sharing your story.


Immediately opening his speech, he sparked the audience’s imagination by inviting us to imagine…”

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Keynote Speaker / Event MC

Also a dynamic speaker, Norman bring energy and strength to every interview. His purpose is clear, his message is powerful, and he never fails to quickly connect with every audience.


Book Norman for your event, podcast, or social media live by emailing: Norman@overthetopliving.com

Speaker Topics Include

You Won’t Make it to see 30: Words from my Mother” This explores the family dynamic. My mother was a single mother of 2 gay children.This was extremely challenging for her. When I came out to her she did not think I would live to see 30 years old. I share how my mother and other family members changed the way i see family and how i created healthy boundaries to live my best life now. I also touch up on my personal journey with my mother and where we are today as an example that it can get better.

Be YOU, boo: Living Unapologetically and Unashamed” This explores the coming into ones own, self-acceptance, self-encouragement, and how to move in a world that seeks to shame. I include some of my own Over the Top Living hacks on how to live your best life now, right where you’re at.

Double Trouble: My Black Experience” This explores my journey as a black man who is also gay. I discuss unique challenges and how external and internal influences challenged me. This is an encouraging talk that also touches upon my personal and professional development

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